Past Events

Tuesday Night Shiur on September 3rd

Come and enjoy one last shiur from Rabbi Avidan Elkin before Rosh Hashanah! The shiur will be held from 8-9 PM at Chabad of the West Side at 166 West 97th St. (on the Northeaster corner of Amsterdam Ave)!

Traditional Rosh Hashanah Seder on September 4th

Join The Sephardi Center for a traditional Rosh Hashanah Seder led by Rabbi Avidan Elkin on Wednesday, September 4th 2013. Services will start at 7 PM with the Seder to follow at 8 PM. The service and dinner will take place at The Aish Center, 313 West 83rd St. between West End Ave and Riverside Drive.

Dinner in the Sukkah on September 20th

Join us for Dinner in the Sukkah on ‘Erev Shabbat, September 20 @ 8:00 PM (prayer services @ 6:30 PM) at our regular location! Check out our beautiful flyer for more information!

Friday Night Dinner, November 8th

Enjoyed our previous Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot dinners? Then join us on November 8th for our next Friday night dinner. Reconnect with the wonderful crowd you met at The Sephardi Center! Open for singles, families and couples! Services at 4:30 PM, with dinner at 6:15 PM.

Women-only Shi’ur with Orit Riter, November 10th

Come and meet Orit Riter in person, while earning practical advice on how to live our lives with tremendous Emunah no matter what life brings. Shi’ur topic: “Hanukkah – instilling the light of Emunah in our hearts”.

“Bring Out Your Inner Pizza!” Hanukkah Pizza Workshop, December 8th

Join us for a delicious evening of Italian kosher cooking with real Italian pizza and gelato! We’re hosting a workshop on how to make pizza and we’ll make and serve pizza on the spot! And don’t miss dessert: Gelato from Screme! Check out our beautiful flyer for more information!

Tu BiShvat Kids Seder!, January 15th

Join us for our Tu BiShvat Kids Seder! Let the fun begin on Wednesday January 15th at 4:30 PM! Arts and crafts, baking and learning corners followed by a traditional Tu BiShvat Seder.

TSC Community Dinner, January 31

Enjoyed our previous community dinners? Then join us on January 31st for the next rendition! Reconnect with the wonderful crowd you met at The Sephardi Center! Open for singles, families, couples and students.

Savour – The Sephardi Center Gala

Satisfy your senses with an evening of unusual tastes, fine wine and live jazz.

  • Explore new flavors of Kosher Cuisine
  • Win a ticket to Israel at our Raffle
  • Enjoy a nice cosy atmosphere at the NYLO Hotel, with our Jazz Band
  • Sponsorship and journal adds available to honor a loved one, or simply support the Sephardi Center
  • More info
  • A Traditional Seder Pesahh!, April 14th

    Want to keep the kids engaged all night? Looking for friendly people who share your love of Jewish and Sephardi heritage?

    Look no further than your friendly, neighborhood TSC! Come celebrate a traditional Seder Pesahh with us including a full spread of traditional Sephardi cuisine, all simanim of the Seder Pesahh and – of course – wine!

    ShaBa”Sh – Pesahh Sheni – Hilulah of Rabbi Meir Ba’al HaNes!, May 13th

    The Sephardi Center invites men and women of all ages to our ShaBa”Sh class this Tuesday night to learn about Pesahh Sheni and celebrate the Hilulah of Rabbi Meir Ba’al HaNes.

    Come learn, eat, pray and light candles with us as we ask for our prayers to be answered in zechut of the Rabbi known as “the miracle maker”.

    When: Tuesday May 13, 2014 (Pesahh Sheni – Hilulah of Rabbi Meir Ba’al HaNes)
    Where: 220 West 98th St, Apt #8H (b/w Broadway and Amsterdam)

    All-night Shavu’ot Learning at TSC (5774)

    Let the learning begin at 11:00 PM and last until sunrise! Shi’urim for men and women delivered by TSC’s Rabbi Avidan Elkin and by our friend Rabbi Jack Varon!

    • A selected chapter from Maimonides’ Sefer Mada, The Book of knowledge (Rabbi Varon)
    • Why did HaShem tell Moshe to first address the women of ‘Am Yisrael at the giving of the Torah?
      Converts from Jewish History (Rabbi Elkin)
    • Milk, Meat, & Vegetarians: Why the varying customs involving food on Shavu’ot? (Rabbi Elkin)
    • And finally, a communal reading of the traditional Tiqqun Leil Shavu’ot

    Shabbaton Youth Soccer

    Join us June 21st for a special one of a kind spiritual
    & sporting event for kids ages 5-11!
    Tefilah: 9:45 AM
    Soccer: 10:30 AM Soccer (in Central Park at 100th Street)
    Kiddush: 11:45 AM (including a delicious hamin prepared by Rabbi Elkin)
    Pickup: 12:30 PM

    NIGHT OF LEARNING Leilouy Nishmat Naftali, Gilad and Eyal

    Naftali Fraenkel z”l, Gilad Shaar z”l and Eyal Yifrach z”l
    “The status of one who is murdered as a Qiddush Hashem”
    – Leehy Shaer, Aunt of Gilad Shaar, through Video call.
    – Rav Avidan Elkin, Rav of the Sephardi Center
    – Rav Jack Varon

    TSC Community Shabbat Dinner!

    Enjoyed our previous community dinners? Then join us on July 18th for the next rendition – this time with outdoor seating! Reconnect with the wonderful crowd you met at The Sephardi Center! Open for singles, families, couples and students!