Our Vision

Our vision at The Sephardi Center is to be a religious, spiritual and cultural community center for Jews in New York and abroad.  At The Sephardi Center, we do this while celebrating our unique and beautiful Orthodox Sephardi heritage.

Our objectives include the following:

  • To be a Center of Prayer and Tradition: To strengthen the continuity of our heritage through daily, Shabbat and holiday services, with Sephardi hazanut and liturgy
  • To be a Center of Learning: To promote the learning of Torah in general, and to foster an understanding and knowledge of the history, laws and customs of Sephardi Jews in the context of the greater Jewish community and Judaism, through classes, talks and discussions with our scholar and spiritual leader, Rabbi Avidan Elkin, and other Rabbanim and teachers
  • To be a Center of Community: To celebrate the life cycle and holiday events in the joyous traditions of Sephardi culture through music, prayer, and delicacies! And, to collaborate with other Sephardi organizations and the greater New York Jewish community to cultivate the continuation of our extraordinary legacy developed over centuries
  • To be a Center of Action: To actively engage in and to promote Mizwot, Zedaqah and Hesed and to support the needs of Jews and Jewish communities both inside and outside of New York. To lead by example!
  • To strengthen the connection of our community and our children to Israel and educate them to the love of Israel: “Ahavat Haaretz”

The Sephardi Center is your home. Learn, pray, grow spiritually, and celebrate Judaism with us!