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TSC Community Shabbat Dinner (Dec. 2)

The Sephardi Center is hosting a community Shabbat dinner next Shabbat (December 2)!

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The Sephardi Center BYOB Moroccan Themed Shabbat Dinner

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TUESDAY NIGHT SHI'UR at The Sephardi Center w/ Rabbi Avidan Elkin

"Parashah lessons on aging quickly"

IMPORTANT: This week's shi'ur will be held at 175 W 95th St, Apt #14H at 8:00 PM (goo.gl/maps/GvmcnVm7cNo).

THIS WEEK we will discuss Melakhim I (Chapters 9-10) - Shelomo's extreme wealth and his first encounter with the Queen of Sheva.

Parashat Hayei Sarah (Midrash) - Fright, war, worrisome children, and en evil wife the four things that cause one to age sooner than normal.

To sponsor a shi'ur in honor or memory of a loved one, please visit our website (thesephardicenter.com/donate).

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